Consultations are required for booking as they allow me to cater to your exact needs! During this brief meeting, you can expect to cover all the bases ranging from your expectations, Leslie Hand Photography policies, pricing, availability, and anything else that comes to mind! The good news is, they're free and in-person consults are usually over a nice cup of coffee (or tea)! (Telephone consultations are shorter but take up enough time to cover everything!) Taking the survey below, in addition to a consultation, will ensure you're getting exactly what you're looking for and will NEVER walk away disappointed!

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While this is important, this is something we will go over during your consultation, whether you decide to book or not!

Services & Travel

Leslie Hand Photography offers photographic services for seniors, professionals, families, maternity, couples, products, birth, weddings, and more! 

Traveling is one of my favorite things - ever. So, while it costs extra if traveling greater than 30 miles is required, it will be well worth it!