On the Topic of Professional Headshots

Although my secret favorite form of photography is bad head/glamour shots, when it comes to professional photography, I understand why so much fear surrounds the idea of updating one’s headshot!

(Sorry, Bob Saget)

(Sorry, Bob Saget)

Based on my experience, capturing oneself in a professional setting is probably one of the most intimidating things for small (or large) business owners; it’s terribly hard to be photographed unaccompanied by friends or family, let alone when it feels like the future success of your business is riding on the outcome of your photos. But it doesn’t have to be a dreaded, scary experience - not even a little!

My job is to learn what makes you personable, approachable, & authentic. Sure, your trade, craft, service - whatever you sell - has to appeal to your audience. But it’s what makes you YOU that truly sells them. Clients want to know that an actual person exists behind a business, somebody to relate to, somebody to share interests with & definitely somebody who will empathize with them, especially when concerns arise. Do you go home & snuggle your fur babies with your favorite cup of tea? Let’s incorporate that! Do you maintain a goofy sense of humor, even at the office? Then let’s get you smiling & laughing! All work & no play? I got you, boo.

Lina - Instagram.jpg

See how easy this can be?!

Is a professional headshot even necessary?

It depends. Are you the face of your business? Do you maintain frequent communication on a personal level with your customers? Then, yes! There are occasions headshots aren’t totally necessary but it truly never hurts to put a face to a name.

Can I just use my cellphone or post a selfie?

Please, no. Listen to me: no. If you do either of these things, you remove “professional” from “professional headshots.” I mean, I guess if you don’t want to look professional, go ahead. But it is absolutely necessary to prove to your existing customers, potential customers, & audience that you take yourself seriously enough to maintain quality images of yourself & your business. Do you need to hire a professional photographer every time you want to post a photo of yourself or your business? Oh heck, no. Unless you have somebody in-house to do this for you, it’s not a realistic option for most business owners. But, I beg you, please make sure - if you’re going to even post a headshot - that it is a professional one.

So how often should you be updating your headshots?

Have you ever picked up a local magazine & noticed a headshot that has been published for the last 10-15 years & you catch yourself thinking, “yeah… that’s definitely not what they look like anymore.” My advice would be: don’t be that person. If people can’t recognize you from the headshot you’re displaying to the world, even providing a headshot is a moot point - you’re 100% defeating the purpose! Therefore, updating your headshot every 1-2 years or any time a major change occurs makes complete sense!

My final piece of advice: find somebody you know will capture YOU. (I can totally do that, btw.) Be genuine & have fun! After all, your business represents you & all your hard work. Your headshots should, too!

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