Levi6 Kick-Off Event

If you followed my charity calendar project from last year, you know most of my calendar participants opted to donate their portion of the proceeds to the Levi6 Foundation.

On July 20, 2017, martial arts instructor, firearms instructor, & GCPD/SWAT officer, Levi Adams, lost his life in a fatal car crash, leaving behind many close friends & family members including a wife, two children, & a step-daughter, along with a heartbroken community. Before his death, Levi was notorious for telling people he had their "six" (back) & constantly encouraging others to never stop training & improving.

The Levi6 Foundation was created by Levi's family to carry on his legacy by not only encouraging Glynn County & Brunswick law enforcement to train hard but by providing them with the training & tools necessary to return to their families safely.

"The LeviSIX Foundation’s primary initiative is for funding safety grants to be awarded to Glynn County and Brunswick law enforcement in an effort to protect our officers.

The grants are intended for the purchase of safety equipment through corporate sponsors of the LeviSIX Foundation.

The following categories of safety equipment and services demonstrate and deliver a clear value in the mission of the LeviSIX Foundation to protect officers’ lives.

Protecting Life

There is risk and peril at every turn for an officer while responding to a call, arriving on scene or dealing with any number of dynamic and uncontrollable situations in the course of a shift. Some threats can never be avoided, and so passive protection must be available to defend at any time. Other threats can be prevented, or at least minimized, with a combination of the proper equipment and training. These categories of products and services represent the highest order in the continuum of officer safety and longevity.

Projecting Force

Once a threat to life or personal injury has been identified, be it toward the officer or to the general public itself, it is incumbent upon professional law enforcement officers to respond in a swift, powerful and appropriate manner. Access to the right tools and equipment are critical to enable the professional to neutralize threats according to the guidelines of the force continuum and to achieve the ultimate end result – protection of life, preservation of order and the security of their own well-being.

Creating Advantage

Thankfully, the law does not require the balance of power between peace officers and the criminal element to be equal. Officers must take every opportunity to create an unfair advantage, within the confines of the law. This is achieved through access to better equipment, better information about the situation, the ability to coordinate efforts and solutions for securing their lethal force options so they can’t be used without authorization. These tools and equipment represent key categories that augment the effectiveness and safety of officers in the execution of their duties."

- levisix.org

On May 10, the community gathered at Premier Martial Arts in Brunswick, GA to celebrate a life well-lived, to honor Levi's mission, & to officially kick off this amazing foundation. Heroes Overcome stopped by to help the little ones discover the heroes within themselves, the Glynn County SWAT Team came out to educate & allow the kids to try on some gear, Willie Jewells provided a delicious BBQ meal, & the children had a blast exploring the Glynn County Police Department & Fire Department vehicles!

Special thanks to:

Levi, whom I was never fortunate enough to meet, but has left a tremendous impact on his community &, even in death, will change the life of everyone this foundation reaches

Levi's mother, Kerry, for entrusting me with photographing this kick-off event & for her strength & ability to serve her community

Friends & family of Levi for carrying on his legacy & continuing to honor him

LeviSIX Foundation for partnering with Leslie Hand Photography


Please visit LeviSIX for more information or to donate!

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