5 Reasons Your Business Should Probably Consider Stepping Up Its Instagram Game



You hear it all the time &, chances are, you know a little bit about them. But you may have found yourself pretty frustrated with the most recent Instagram algorithm change. Get used to it because algorithms are constantly changing. I've done a lot of research on modern-day Instagram & my conclusion is: I like it. Long story short, you get what you give - as long as you're being authentic & truly connecting with people. Gone are the days you can just post something & sit back while watching the "likes" roll in without fully engaging with your followers. Unless, of course, your name starts with a "K" & rhymes with "Schmarschmashian."

So what are the steps to changing how you interact on Instagram &, ultimately, who sees your work? That's another blog for another day but for now, here are five things to consider if you're not sure where to go from here:

1. It's all about relevancy

When you sit down at a computer or pull out your phone, you do so with a certain intention, right? Maybe you're looking to buy something or need inspiration for a DIY project. Either way, you know what you're looking for. (Unless you're doing a mindless middle-of-the-night social media scroll - that doesn't count! [Or does it?]) Algorithms are constantly changing to make sure only the most relevant material is popping up to whomever is searching. (Hint: this means exactly what it sounds like - you have to know what interests your audience!) From what I can tell, this is the biggest driving force behind most (if not all) algorithm changes. Basically, if you used to get a lot of activity on Instagram & now you don't, it's because what used to pop up was the most recent material. Now, it's the most relevant. I don't know about you, but I strive to be the most relevant to my entire audience!

2. Your posts are only reaching 10% of your audience

So where's the other 90% & how can you reach them? There is a LOT you can do to reach a larger audience & this is where things get pretty sticky in the world of Instagram. Again, this is another post for another day but whatever you do, do it with integrity. It absolutely matters.

3. It reflects how you're doing business

That's right, folks. Many, many, many people who access the world wide web do so with money in-hand, ready to make a purchase at any time. All you have to do is grab their attention. If you're making money & don't require a following of any kind, perhaps you have a good excuse to not use social media. However, if you require an audience (ahem, CUSTOMERS), you should definitely be doing the social media thing. Learning how to social media properly, especially when algorithms are constantly changing, isn't easy by any means. But it's necessary & it reflects the methods you're using to reach & engage with your audience.

The flip side to that coin is, if you have very little engagement on social media but are very active,  people notice. I promise. I do & I have refused to conduct business with entities that offer to expand my network but get very little attention on social media. Why? Simply put, it's a reflection of the relevancy they hold to their audience. If somebody is going to make a bold promise such as, "we promise to expand your audience by promoting your name on our website & across social media," you better believe I'll be researching what kind of audience & engagement they have. If it's less than mine, odds are I'll keep moving & doing what I'm already doing - for free.

4. It can help grow your business

This is truly a cut-&-dry statement. Of course, there is a lot of work that is put in to using Instagram to grow one's business but the opportunities are definitely there. Just consider the endless possibilities of reaching that other 90% of your audience.

5. Because your competition knows all the ins and outs of Instagram

Why should you care? Because that's who's taking your business.


Disclaimer: The information stated in this post has been collected from miscellaneous sources & some information may differ slightly. I cannot guarantee the validity of this information, but made every attempt to cross check my sources thoroughly & adequately.

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