Icepocalypse 2018

When you live in Coastal Georgia, there isn't a whole lot more exciting than seeing projected snow flurries on the Weather app; it's easy to dream of waking up to a yard covered in soft, white snow flakes, building snow men, & sitting by the fire, watching television with the entire family as roads continue to shut down & people are "forced" to stay home from work due to inclement weather.

I should have known better. I mean, I don't even personally have a fireplace.

As projected, the colder-than-normal weather hit on Wednesday. As did the rain. For most of the morning, rain hit the ground (or trees, or cars, or power lines) & then it began to freeze. The strength of tree limbs were tested under the heavy weight of ice & many began to fall, hitting power lines and cluttering yards. -Something we've experienced a lot 'round these parts thanks to Matthew, Irma, & now Icepocalypse 2018.

Around 11am yesterday, our power went out. I had most of the battery on my cellphone left so - for entertainment - I was able to scroll through the numerous actual snow photos of friends in Southwest Georgia, Savannah, Florida - essentially everybody around me. We retreated to my in-laws' house a whopping 1 minute away & took the kids back to the house mid-day to nap in the cold silence. At 5:28pm, just as I closed my eyes in frustration & breathed deep to channel whatever inner peace & sense of adventure I had left (yes, I'm dramatic in situations like these) the power flickered back on. I fed the boys, popped them in the bath & halfway through, the power went back out.

I received a text from GA Power stating it should return by 10pm. Today. So we loaded back up & went to the in-laws' again where I remain, typing this, warm, & thankful we have a place to go in times such as these.

Today, the sun is shining & temperatures are rising. I imagine I will spend most of the day watching baby icicles fall & some of these puddles dry up.

Of course I documented some of the prettier icy moments.

Grass is covered in ice on the side of the road
A fence is draped with ice and grass is covered in snow
A bush is covered in ice and snow
A bush is covered in ice and snow
Limbs are weighed down in a resident's yard by heavy ice
Tall grass is covered in ice on the side of the road
A fence beside the road is draped in icicles
A tire sits on the side of the road and is covered in ice
A yard with trees is covered in icicles as the morning sun comes through
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