Entrepreneur Crush of the Week: Break!

I announced on my Facebook page this weekend that, after August, the Entrepreneur Crush of the Week features as we know them will be retired on my blog! In leu of weekly entrepreneur posts, I will be transitioning into more generic, local features that will, at times, feature entrepreneurs. I have reached every goal I set for myself in regard to this project. This is the third "break" I've had from these weekly posts since starting them months ago. I've put a ton of pressure on myself & I have to tell you, I'm currently struggling with feeling like a failure this week! But I have to constantly remind myself this is why my business is in this current season. These posts have been more successful than I ever could have thought possible. I can't even believe you guys have humored me this long! So, yes, between appointments, going out of town, my birthday, being a stay-at-home mom & correspondence with clients, this week got away from me. But the work load is exactly what I asked for & I couldn't be more grateful for the support I've had.

How do I even begin to say "thank you!"? Thank you for checking my blog regularly, for reading, & for coming back. Thank you for sharing my posts. Thank you for all of your "congratulations" & encouraging words. Mostly, thank you for believing in me & allowing me to capture so many moments. The fact that so many people have reached out to me is more humbling than words could ever express. So many of you have kept me going & I feel as though my community has welcomed me with open arms - a foreign feeling because I didn't know how to "get out there" & meet people. Welp, I can't even tell you how many friends I've made along the way. I feel like I've been allowed to share my growth with you all & I can't wait to see what the future entails.

Despite the fact there is so much content I haven't been able to share with you in the last few weeks, please be sure to keep checking in. You won't regret it <3 :)

Photo of my new beloved unpaper towels & dish scrubbers from Dot & Army because they're totally a big deal...