Brunswick Farmers Market "Pop Up"

So last night I joined a small group of passionate creatives in our local community who are determined to re-energize our downtown area! With the brilliant idea of Sarah Pittenger, affectionately known as Lady Hanover, we will be re-energizing the local Farmer's Market by doing a massive "pop-up" once a month! Our current Farmer's Market is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8-5pm. However, our FIRST "pop-up" will be held on Saturday, June 17 from 8 a.m.-noon. We want anybody and everybody to join us - help us grow Brunswick and its downtown area in to the happening place it's meant to be!!

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You can bet your bottom dollar I will be here to capture this exciting transformation! Guys! IT'S HAPPENING!!!

Our first meeting!!!

Our first meeting!!!

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