Entrepreneur Crush(es) of the Week: Renee Shepherd & Alison Dutton

Y'all! My first two-person feature!!!

Renee Shepherd & daughter, Alison Dutton, are my featured entrepreneurs this week! I know this isn't the first time you've seen their work, as I've posted product photos before, but get ready to fall even harder in love!

I've followed their work since it began but I started to really ask questions while working a booth with them at our local Moxie Craft Festival! I was so incredibly impressed by their innovation & sheer creativity! Their main item (keep reading to find out what!) is just waiting to end up in every home in Coastal Georgia & across the nation & I don't expect anything less! 

Plant & Sew was started officially in February of this year after years of this mother/daughter team dreaming of having a business all their own. Alison's desire to work full-time from home & Renee's extensive experience with sewing inspired the pair to dive in head-first in to the world of entrepreneurship. Renee says, "I’m of the age where Home Economics was offered in school & there was a sewing section in that. I remember making a skirt that was full of mistakes including breaking three machine needles sewing in the zipper. Needless to say, zippers still give me a bit of anxiety. It was not really until after I married though that I really began sewing & bought my first used sewing machine. Sewing became a creative outlet for me & I’ve continued sewing ever since. My daughters and now grandchildren have been the beneficiaries (guinea pigs) of many sewn items. A few years ago, I bit the bullet and purchased an embroidery machine which had been a long-time wish. As they say, 'the rest is history.'" Before Plant & Sew was even born, the creative duo already had in mind all the amazing things their shop would offer, starting with their ever-popular customizable burlap pillow wraps!

"Our products are personalized to fit any style of décor," they say. "The embroidered monogram is the perfect touch to create a more unique and custom look." Burlap is both durable & versatile so it's no wonder you'll find their pillow wraps accenting a wide variety of beds, couches, chairs, & porch swings! In addition to selling the burlap wraps, burlap pillows are also available in their store. This is exciting news if you're in to burlap as much as the rest of us!

They also currently offer customizable burlap makeup bags to satiate your organizational desires while sporting a classy, unique look!

In the near future, you can expect to find customizable burlap place mats & chair wraps (also customizable) to add to any wedding style!

A 10% discount is currently offered for anybody who "favorites" their shop on Etsy or leaves a review!

Renee & Alison may have started with pillow wraps - genius, in my book! - but they are constantly looking for ways to expand the market for customization & with their level of creative aptitude you can expect nothing but quality. I am very excited about their business venture & witnessing this dream team grow together!

Thank you Renee & Alison for your vision & talent!