Entrepreneur Crush of the Week: Christie Mitchell Richardson

Every week I get to sit down and write about a new entrepreneur who has inspired me in some way. And every week I end the post feeling more inspired by these people than I did coming in to it. I view these people with such admiration and am in constant awe of what truly goes on "behind the scenes." There are many reasons I pick an entrepreneur but whatever my reason is, it is my goal to shed light on how truly amazing these people are.

You guys just don't even know...

Christie Mitchell Richardson is a Brunswick, GA native, mom, wife, and killer business-woman. Enter Southern Priss Designs, a furniture and home decor company owned and operated by Christie herself, along with a team of people that know her very well. Southern Priss takes neglected, unloved, or un-pretty pieces of furniture and turns them in to quality items any person could love and cherish. Christie has always looked beyond the cosmetic flaws of something while preserving a keen eye for its maximum potential. While she seems to maintain a consistent style, she manages to give each piece a very unique look. If that's not maximizing potential, I don't know what is!

But this next bit is my favorite...

Christie first attempted refurbishing furniture at the young age of 19 and managed to sell some pieces to friends but soon gave up on it because it never took off. It wasn't until Facebook her business truly blossomed. Two years after her first attempt - and with lots of love and support from her husband, David - she found a piece at Goodwill, worked her magic, and sold it on social media on August 31, 2010. Since then, her furniture has been in high demand and can be found in homes all over the south. (I can attest to this personally because I've recognized a Southern Priss piece in the background of many a Facebook photo.)

Not even an hour before this shot was taken, Christie was covered in paint.

Not even an hour before this shot was taken, Christie was covered in paint.

Today, Christie employs two sets of pickers who explore the wonderful worlds of auctions and yard sales, in addition to making house calls when someone is interested in getting rid of several pieces. They know exactly what Christie is looking for and never settle for less. She also employs a painter and two "narpenters," half-nannies/half-carpenters. (Christie coined this term and it's the cutest thing ever.) Painter Nicole Miranda seems to know Christie better than she knows herself and keeps her straight at all times. "Narpenters" Christine Allcott and Rachel Long part-build things and part-assist in keeping Christie's tiny human alive, safe, and happy. (As a stay-at-home mom, I can only do one of these things. I have no clue how to use a tape measure or any power tools so, needless to say, I'm quite impressed with each of these women!)

So where can you find her pieces should you be like the rest of us and covet one for your very own? Follow her on Facebook for pieces constantly being placed for "adoption"! You can find some in person at Finder's Keepers Furniture in Pooler, GA and Simply Carolina Kitchen and Bath in Ridgeland, SC.

But wait, there's more!

Christie also owns a clothing company, Retro Darling Clothing. Started in 2012, Christie was inspired by "fun and funky patterns" on clothing that is also affordable. (Retro Darling clothing can be found upstairs from Fancy Do's Hair Studio at 4238 Coral Park Drive in Brunswick, GA.)

Christie poses with some pieces she finished just prior to me arriving. By the time I left, the vanity had already SOLD. WHAT?!

Christie poses with some pieces she finished just prior to me arriving. By the time I left, the vanity had already SOLD. WHAT?!

I will end on this note: Christie is definitely living the dream. Upon driving up to her beautiful house (obvs decorated by herself, duh) tucked behind tall trees and dangling Spanish moss, you will be met with a fantastic marsh view and the sound of roaming chickens and pet goats. Guys, she has a miniature farm! When I asked if she'd pose with one of her chickens, she turned around in a snap, wrangled one - in her dress - and posed for the shot. But that seems to be Christie - she doesn't skip a beat. She definitely doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty, both literally and figuratively. She's always working on new items but still finds time for her family and always looks like a Barbie doll (even when she's covered in paint). She's good at everything she does and she definitely deserves all the success. I'm proud to know her!