"You can't manage what you don't measure."

Have you ever taken a step back, evaluated something, come up with a game plan, & hustled like you never knew you could? That's exactly where I am right now! I'm very excited to announce I have taken a gentle step back from social media until around the beginning of the year; this includes both Leslie Hand & Leslie Hand Photography! A new Leslie Hand has emerged & with her comes a lot of changes!

So why was it necessary to step back from social media? I decided that, until I have implemented my plans, social media was serving more as a distraction - especially for my business - than anything else. Some business owners prefer to maintain their social media presence while making changes & that's totally fine! However, "you can't manage what you don't measure" & I can assure you I am taking my time calculating all the ways I can be better - for you & for me! I'm just doing it behind the scenes. I do not intend on spending my time posting to Instagram & Facebook just because I'm afraid I'll be forgotten :) Quality over quantity, right? You can rest assured that, when I return, it will be with a bang. I am excited for all the things to come!

So what will I be working on while I'm away from social media?

A new "look" for Leslie Hand Photography - you may have noticed a few changes already. That's ok because there's more to come!
Social media
Going to the gym regularly, cleaning up my diet, & getting more sleep - guys, this business is a part of ME so if I'm not taking care of myself, how can I take care of you!?
Selling my charity calendar
& soooo much more.

All of my accounts are still up & active, I have just removed the apps from my phone! I fully intend on maintaining my website presence so stop by regularly for new work & blog posts! & certainly be on the lookout for the post following my return to social media in January for ALL the announcements I'm just dying to make!!

Scroll for photos of my children at the Brunswick Library because sometimes I forget that place exists.

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