I'm Back!! (On social media!)

As most of you are aware, I took a short break from social media to focus on some rather important things & I am proud to announce that I am officially back!

I took the time to do a lot of things, including being better with time management & becoming more efficient in both personal & professional endeavors. The below is both the perfect reason I took a step back & inspiration for when I was ready to return. (I don't mind sharing some secrets!)


So, I basically did everything I said I was going to do except the whole gym & eating better part (Yeah. Thanks a lot Thanksgiving, Christmas, & leftovers). Why do I even do that to myself? Like, sure, I have goals but I'm not that strong of a person. Jk, I am. Except I wasn't.

So here's an update of all the changes that have occurred with Leslie Hand:

Leslie Hand Photography Logo
  • In case you haven't noticed, I have an entire new website!
  • I have a new "about me" page & it's pretty bomb, thanks to my friend, Lindsey Stewart & some killer awkward childhood photos.
  • I have a new LOGO (look over there >)!!!! This was probably my most favorite thing of all the changes! My new friend, Amber Walker, a.k.a. my new personal calligrapher, handmade this. I couldn't be more proud of it. Or more excited or more in love. I'm maxed out on all the good feels with this. & YES! She does weddings & special events!
  • My prices have officially increased (just a little!) but quality of service has increased tremendously! So the investment is well worth it!
  • I participated in a styled wedding shoot with Veronica Howard Events in early December! I met some amazing vendors & cannot wait to work with them more in the future!
  • On a personal note: Sarah Fragoso has taken me on as a client! Today was our first official phone meeting after a week of journaling everything from sleep patterns to feelings of guilt & all the bad things I consumed. However, I could not be more excited or more ready for this venture! & I could not have picked a more positive person to help me through my journey.  Perhaps some rather important changes were slightly delayed, thanks to the holidays, but it seems (at times) the only thing holding me back is my crippling shame & feelings of guilt - I worry too much about what other people think of me. Progress is progress & hunny, I'm here to own myself & all of my accomplishments & move past my failures as positive contributions in my life. I'm a few months in to my metamorphosis & every day I move closer & closer to the person I want to be. How I run my business directly reflects who I am on the inside & I am excited to share this with all of you!
  • Thanks to Two Friends, SSI, I was able to give you this amazing styling & location guide!
  • Marketing: that's for me to know & you to find out! :D
  • But hello car magnets & new business cards! (No shame in my game!) Honk if you see me driving by with my new logo!
  • The AMAZING Jane Vicent with Peacock Productions is hosting a charity event for Leslie Hand Photography & the charity calendar! I could NOT be more excited & grateful to her & her passion/dedication to my community! IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW?!
  • Leslie Hand Photography's work was featured again in the Golden Isles Magazine! (Click the image for more of this article!!)
  • & finally, social media... I feel fantastic about the progress I've made in my time away. I've taken a breath of fresh air & am ready to integrate myself - & my business - back into the world of Facebook & Instagram. I know better than to think I won't end up getting distracted by cat videos & sarcastic memes but a door has been opened for me & I have taken a giant step through.

Progress happens with determination, focus, & lots of patience/grace for oneself. But progress is progress. My commitment to myself & you is to constantly find ways of improving. We are never (ever) done learning <3

May this year be full of new (& amazing) opportunities & prosperity! -To all of us!!!

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