Savannah's Craft Scout Holiday Market

I was personally invited by Jessica Duthu, one of two founders of Savannah's largest indie craft fair, Craft Scout, to photograph this past Saturday's holiday market. & my stars was it worth the drive, getting out of the house (& away from the kids for a bit), & soaking up some of the cooler weather we've experienced so far!!

I have spent the last year building relationships with other creative minds in my area & was giddy when I saw some of my favorite familiar faces! But I can't express how much I enjoy meeting new people!

This market slayed in the craft department! Each vendor brought something new & fresh & I definitely look forward to future events!

Jessica, thank you for the invite!! What a beautiful market :)

Vendor list & websites below

Note to vendors: want a copy of some of these photos? Shoot me an email at & let me know which ones you need!

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