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In 2006, I picked up a Polaroid instant film camera at a local Walgreens - & thus began my photography journey. Though I had always liked taking pictures, with my new Polaroid, I discovered what it was like to be able to satisfy an instant need - the need to capture something & enjoy it right then & there. My love & understanding of Polaroid film expanded to medium format & other film. I began collecting vintage film cameras & challenged myself to learn as much as possible about each one. I used most of them!

In 2012, I got married & gifted myself a Canon Rebel T2i - my first "official" digital camera. I used it until I sold it in June 2017.

In 2013, I put my camera down briefly to focus on another true love of mine: medicine. I graduated nursing school with my ASN in 2014 & began working immediately in the Emergency Department. Shortly after beginning my new career, I became pregnant with my first son, Emmerson. In 2015, I moved from an RN position less high-risk to work on a medical surgical floor & in early 2016 became pregnant with my second son, Gunner. I loved my job as a nurse but couldn't bare spending so many hours away from my two little babies. So in October, 2016, I transitioned into a stay-at-home-mom. While being at home has allowed me a lot of time to spend with my two sons, it has also allowed me to focus on photography - something I will probably never put down.

Aside from my two precious kiddos, I have a 1.5-year-old dog named Maggie, an outside/inside cat I've lovingly named "King Cooper," (he's 9 years old & certainly the King!), & an energetic kitten, "Jorge." I'm also obsessed with house plants to an unhealthy degree. I love our planet (& care desperately about its wellbeing), swimming, reading (when it doesn't make me sleepy, which is never), watching movies, & laughing until my stomach hurts.


Keep scrolling to get a glimpse into the life of me (a big-headed baby child > awkward little girl > even more awkward teenager > confident/shy adult who has embraced her awkward nature)! Bonus: pet pictures!

Want to know more? Ask away!

2017 Family Portrait Photo Credit: Lindsey Stewart Photography







King Cooper